GBA Projects recognises that the successful delivery of any project relies on the unconditional focus on technical excellence, innovation and an innate understanding of the project management lifecycle.GBA Projects has a proven local, national and international track record of delivering on time and on budget projects across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Proven success on major projects around the globe is testament to GBA Projects' hard-earned reputation as industry leaders.

GBA Projects ensures complete project planning, control and management from inception to completion. Tailoring its approach to suit specific client needs, GBA Projects has continued to secure local, national and international contract providing the highest quality service and solutions.

Building and Construction

The Building and Construction industry has become an increasingly complex mesh of relationships between accelerated processes, decisions and actions.  There is a development towards sustainable design that leads to providing the best possible connection of functionality, architecture, energy efficiency and healthy construction materials, while at the same time achieving an increase in revenue and reduced costs. 

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The Defence Industry provides complex, ever-changing projects that must comply with additional government policy and be aware of public criticism. Defence is constantly improving the way it does business. As such, Project Management allows Defence to focus on strategic development and outcomes.

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Government and Development

The Government and Development sector is increasingly investing in Project Management to provide innovation and creativity within the triple constraint of scope, time and budget.  Government projects, programs and portfolios are major, visible areas of public interest and concern.  Delivering these projects on budget and on time strengthens public trust.

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Health and Hospitals

In the Health and Hospital sectors, project management is being used increasingly to develop new services and achieve successful change in existing ones.  This environment is generally complex due to the large number of parties involved and the relationship between the project, its medical context and public interest.  Therefore, it is important to grant the project the flexibility required to respond to emerging technologies, requirements and stakeholder demands.

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Information Technology

Information Technology plays an important roll across all sectors of our economy and has potential to enable innovation which can transform existing industries, create new ones and enhance competitiveness.  The rate at which information technology is continuously upgrading has provided an increased demand for Project Management within this sector, often with much debate over process and methodology for delivery.

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Infrastructure and Utilities

In this time of rising costs, the pressure on infrastructure and utilities sectors to deliver greater efficiency and operational effectiveness is more significant than ever.  Internal efficiency and performance are vital and smart asset management is becoming increasingly important.  It is essential to balance cost effectiveness versus risk and include sourcing, procurement and asset management in your company's strategic development. 

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Reports of delays and cost blowouts in major mining projects are becoming more prevalent. This is mainly being attributed to an escalating cost environment associated with the increased number of projects in development and a scarcity of competent skills resources. It is becoming ever more important for the Mining Industry to ensure they use a standardized approach to project management in order to satisfy project objectives and enable efficient use of available resources.

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Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is contending with a dynamic global marketplace and a progressively insistent group of stakeholders.  With the industry increasingly using a project-based approach to manage its engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities it is actively minimising risk, improving investment, value and efficiency.

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Transport - Road and Rail

Demand for improved quality and frequency of public roads and railways, while at the same time maintaining, operating and providing regular services has demonstrated an increase in the use of Project Management within the Transport Road and Rail Industry.  It is especially important for this industry to manage, control, maintain, upgrade and operate assets.

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“Sydney Water have been developing a lean yet dynamic approach to programmatic delivery of the Infrastructure Capital Works Portfolio.  This performance framework has recently been recognised globally by the UK Major Projects Association - Global Client Models study 2018, describing it as “an exemplar responsive model which is improving commercial efficiency with customers at the heart of the strategy”.  Scheduling and Earned Value are at the core of this frameworks success.  GBA Projects has contributed significantly to that success.  GBA has provided the Sydney Water portfolio with an exceptional project controls service for several years. It takes a practical and scalable approach to project controls along with talented individuals to facilitate such a scheduling function across thousands of projects and GBA has proven vital our successful delivery of projects.”
Mark Simister, Head of Delivery Management, Sydney Water
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For over 30 years GBA Projects has enabled project success through the implementation of best-of-breed systems and practices to minimise project risk, and enhance project performance.

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