GBA Projects has come a long way since its inception way back in 1986. While much has changed in its 34 years, the ability of the organisation to deliver highly complex projects has not.

On August 22, 1986 G.G. Betros & Associates was officially born. To put this into context I was nearly two and my greatest challenge in life was working out how best to throw my dinner on the floor.

My father Greg has always stated that computing power was really the foundation for the success of GBA Projects in the early days. Greg was a very early adopter of scheduling software working on his trusty Compaq Portable and was able to create a strong foothold in the industry ensuring he became the scheduling ‘go to guy’ in South Australia and then beyond.

It was in the nineties that GBA Projects really took off and the business commenced a significant employment drive to keep up with its growing list of clients. It was here where GBA was really able to hone its technical expertise. As more planning software flooded the market, GBA continued to learn and adapt to be able to offer clients the same service irrespective of the planning package in use – this is something that we feel has helped to maintain our reputation as industry leaders for such a long time.

The 2000s (or noughties) was when I started to realise project management was in my blood and that my father Greg had instilled a knowledge base and passion for the industry in my brother and I, even without us knowing it. After I finished University, I spent some time abroad in the UK honing my skills, but I always knew that I would gravitate back to the business and industry that had been so important in shaping me as a person.

Two simple sentences regarding our industry and delivered by Greg have always stayed with me:

  1. Cheaper won’t necessarily mean better - Projects will be at risk
  2. There will always be demand for people to clean up the mess left by others and undoubtedly many claims to dispute over

Pretty strong, simple messages but in my time at GBA projects they have both continued to ring true and I tend to agree that these will remain consistent throughout the next few decades at least.

In 2017 I was officially handed the reigns of the business. This was obviously a monumental step for myself but also for Greg who had run the show for so long to much success. Greg was extremely supportive of me through this transition and it was a huge burden taken off my shoulders knowing I had someone to assist me through tricky situations.

While we had always done incredibly well in attaining some very high-profile clients and projects such as BHP, Santos and The New Royal Adelaide Hospital, I couldn’t help but think with the expertise we had, and the runs on the board in the industry, a national expansion was truly on the cards. This thought always seemed to stay with me no matter how busy we became.

Fast forward to 2019 and after a lot of planning and the long-term securement of Sydney Water as a key client, we are proud to have set up a great team and office in Sydney which is growing by the day. We are also continuing to look at other Australian states in which to offer our services.

To mark this occasion we will be unveiling some very exciting news in the coming weeks  - stay tuned!

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