In early 2007, GBA Projects continued to provide support to Adelaide University's capital works program. During this time, Greg received a call from KBR who had been engaged to provide support services to BHP Billiton for the pre-feasibility study of the Olympic Dam expansion project (ODX). Specifically for the mine materials handling portion of the work.

At that same time, we were also approached by Santos who required a project controller for the upgrade of their Maximo maintenance planning and workorder system.

olympic damRealising that this was a lot of work for one person, Greg promptly moved to bring Matt across as a full time employee. He had been working part-time for GBA Projects and full time at WST Pacific (now Deltek) for 12 months and had gained significant experience in project management systems. So it was fitting that his first full time project role was 'project controller' on an IT project.

The Maximo Revolutions project was a significant project for Santos as it was a system designed to maximise efficiency in the process of maintenance work-order planning. Ironically, some 6 years later, the Maximo system was then replaced by the Oracle eAM system, and at this same time GBA Projects was available to provide support to the project.

In 2007 Asea Pacific approached us for planning assistance on the Tjalka Warra Village, located near Port Headland in Western Australia. This project continued our long lasting relationship with Rod Hearne, Asea Pacific and Argo Group.

GBA Projects became busier and busier through 2007, as KBR engaged us to provide support not only to the Mine Materials Handling portion of ODX, but also to the ongoing Tails Leach Upgrade and Evaporation Pond 5 projects. We had become so busy in fact that in April GBA Projects employed the talented Rachel Schmied, a former university friend of Matt's. Rachel promptly moved into the scheduling support role with Greg at SKM/KBR for the mine expansion.

GBA Projects had provided support to the facilities at Olympic Dam since the late 80's and still does today. From 2007 to 2016, GBA Projects has been actively involved in scheduling and controls across the majority of the facility, working with contractors and BHPB itself to deliver projects. In 2007 we were unaware that we were about to spend the next 10 years being swamped with work from this monumental project!

In December of 2007 however, GBA Projects was engaged by ElectraNet SA to provide project controls services to the Adelaide Central Reinforcement project. At the time, we were not aware of just how big this work was going to be, nor to the major achievements that were to come.

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