And with a simple turn of the clock, the world waited with baited breath for the Y2K bug to wreak havoc across the globe. Until the 1990’s computer programs had been designed to abbreviate the year into two digits to save precious memory space. Thankfully this did not impact our systems or our clients as we strolled into the new millennium without issue. Systems that we had developed such as Constress’ modular precast system had been built on Open Plan and as such required little effort to update.

But the year 2000 also introduced the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) to Australia, which of course was something (as a small business) we became intimate with from day one. Greg, our Managing Director, had in fact had launched a small package called “GST Simple” to help smaller businesses understand the new requirements.

2000 also saw an increased work load at Emergency Services (ESAU) as we continued to manage numerous projects on behalf of the CFS, SES and MFS.

Part of our role for this particular year was to develop budgets for the portfolio and time-phase the cash flows to enable tighter project controls processes to be followed. The three year program enabled the procurement of land in its first year, design of each facility for the second year with the final year consisting of construction and fitout. The budget assignment was implemented in way where the correct budgets can be set and controlled by each agency.

It was suc a successful approach that the department adopted the approach for many more years to come, which led to the development of an integrated project control and information management system. 

Standard business case templates were developed which enabled projects to be categorised and rated thus forcing budgets to be allocated where it was required or most needed. This required the agencies to create Asset Registers for Buildings and for Plant & Equipment with a regular maintenance assessment process to be followed. This included the assessment of asset age, condition and level of preparedness to perform their functions. This enabled a series of metrics to be used to then rate new projects which proved to be very successful.

Due to the success of the ESAU implementation, GBA personnel were asked to attend a whole of "Justice Portfolio" Capex forum which included the SA Police who headed up the Joint Meeting. We demonstrated our integrated Project Controls Process but it was not accepted by SA Police who as believed they had a better system which enabled the Department of Administrative and Information Services (DAIS) to control their building projects.

As the coffee lovers we are, that year we also assisted our baristas in redeveloping #12 Café on Halifax street from a Garage to a very modern Café which proved to a huge success for the owners and operator.

GBA also provided further assistance to Southcorp Wines’ personnel who had taken over the day to day projects controls of the 5 year plan developed by Greg in the latter parts of the 90's.


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