In 1996 GBA Projects was appointed as the Project Planner for Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick (Hong Kong) to plan and control the design, procurement and construction of the Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal. Greg and another two of our consultants were sent to Hong Kong to execute the work. Given that Greg was busy with the National Rail Project and other Forensic Planning engagements it was essential that two employees were sent overseas to assist. This was the first time in the company’s history that our employees ventured overseas.Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal

Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal, Hong Kong

And, as if it weren't busy enough for the company at that time, GBA was also asked to review the program for Sinclair Knight Merz for the SA Water IDMS (Integrated Demand Management System) project. The system developed is still in use today to effectively simulate, optimise, cost, schedule and report on large volume water pumping operations.

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Centre1996 again saw the David Lynch / Greg Betros combination get called to Manilla in the Philippines to plan, schedule and control the Construction of the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Centre structure.

The short construction timeframe set by the client required some innovative construction solutions. Between them, David and Greg decided that the quickest way to get the two level basement works completed was to use precast panels for the basement walls.

Given that there was no precast manufacturing facility of sufficient capacity and technical expertise in Manilla capable of producing the size and quality of precast panels required they decided to set up a precast yard for their client “Datemfom”.

David & Greg coordinated the establishment of the precast yard and produced a very detailed programme for the manufacture and procurement of the precast elements as well as the erection sequence of the structure for the multi-storey complex. It seemed that this level of detailed planning for construction work in Manilla had never been previously achieved and set the benchmark for many future projects.

Greg trained a number of young Engineers on how to plan and schedule, many of whom have gone onto work globally in the field of Project Controls.

In 1996 GBA was asked to prepare a detail schedule for the Ashford Hospital Specialist Centre. This included the procurement of the specialised equipment and the detail installation works. GBA's knowledge of hospitals and construction was invaluable to the project team.

Darwin Central HotelDuring the last quarter of 1996 Greg was called to Darwin to assess the progress of the construction of the Darwin Central Hotel. He was able to assess the actual progress of the project and provide advice to the Owner’s team of Architects and Engineers of the requirements to complete the project.

Greg demonstrated that the project would be completed late despite the construction contractor advising that they were on time and would complete by their due date. A behaviour that is all too common in today's industry due to a common lack of understanding around program and scheduling.

Unfortunately for the project Greg’s planned completion date was the actual completion date and thus this project descended into a dispute over Extensions of Time based on Scope, Variations and Darwin conditions.

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