In March 1994 GBA moved offices from King William Road Unley to 11 Halifax Street, which began our love of the southern end of City of Adelaide.

Barry 'Nugget' Rees at Adelaide OvalIt was later that year that we were able to meet and become friends with the cricket legend Barry ‘Nugget’ Rees, the subject of two Australian Stories and a book. Even today, some 18 year later Greg still has a weekly morning coffee with him and others associated with Nugget.

Nugget's passion for South Australia is incredibly contagious and serves as a gentle reminder to many people that we are truely blessed to have such a great city to ourselves. This is one of the reasons why GBA Projects is so proud to be embedded in South Australian projects.

It was also in March 1994, a week after the move, that Greg received an 'out-of-the-blue' phone call from a ex-pat work colleague working in Hong Kong. Over the course of the next 15 years we were to receive many more such calls.

Leightons Asia were engaged for the construction of the new South China Morning Post Offices and Printing Press Hall being constructed in Sha Tin to go to Hong Kong.

This started a 2 year association with Leightons Asia which required Greg to spend most of the next two years in Hong Kong.

South China Morning Post

Greg had to determine why the SCMP project was 10 weeks late, prepare detailed submissions for extensions of time, using the Time Impacted Analysis method and then to replan the work in greater detail to enable effective control of the remainder of the project. Leightons Asia was granted their full entitlement to extensions of time and combined with the more detailed programme compiled in Open Plan the project was able to be completed on time.

In 1994 Queensland Rail (QR) had purchased a number of licences for Open Plan and Greg, as the first user of Open Plan in Australia, was asked by QR to travel to Brisbane to Implement Open Plan and conduct training. Given that Queensland Rail had a number of “typical projects”, we developed templates for various types of projects which QR could easily generate proper programmes which were fully resourced.

National Rail Locomotive

Also in 1994, GBA Projects was engaged on two major IT projects. We provided services to Coles Myer for the roll out of their Information System (CMIS) which also included planning and scheduling for the building and fitout of new stores such as Red Rooster and Officeworks by one of our consultants.

It was that same year that GBA was engaged by Optus in Sydney and Greg’s younger brother Joseph Mark, moved to Sydney to start what turned out to be a long association with Optus.

Kau Shat Wan Explosives ComplexLate in 1994 Greg performed another Forensic Analysis exercise on the Kau Shat Wan Explosives Complex on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It was a facility to house explosives and was constructed into the side of a mountain.  

The mountain contained many caverns in which very solid concrete structures were built to withstand the explosives being detonated accidentally. 

The review found that the project was running late and could be not be constructed in the sequence as shown in the then current programme.

The sequence of the construction was intricate and complex however Greg was able to replan the project, finally finding the correct sequence after several iterations. By increasing some crucial resources the project could be completed on time in 1997. 

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