2018 saw our Sydney team continue to grow. 

As the number of major projects began to steadily increase so too did the demand for project controls in 2018. During 2018, GBA took on new clients and a variety of projects stemming from the necessity to regain control of wayward projects. To that end GBA was continually engaged to provide forensic analysis on projects and support varying disputes.

Whilst the 2017 shutdown had concluded at Olympic Dam, the ongoing effect of having to recruit in such a drastic manner continued into the new year. GBA had been recognised as a professional organisation that specialised in the provision of project control services, a niche subset to the field of Project Management.

The inginuity of our Sydney team was also award winning with several team members receiving awards for their hard work and efforts to support our major client, Sydney Water.

Out of the creativity of the teams and large volume of claims work, GBA was able to develop its own forensic analysis methodology which meant that the time spent supporting the claims process was halved. Using this process we were able to support numerous road, rail and infrastructure projects with reduced overhead to the client.

But 2018 also saw the oil, gas and resources sectors increase spend. GBA took on new clients such as Beach Energy and began to support other mining projects around the country. 

By the end of 2018 we had provided services to these key projects:

  • Sydney Water Current & Forwrard Program's (~1,000 projects)
  • Accolade Replacement Project, Adelaide Brighton Cement
  • Ashford Hospital Redevelopment
  • Memorial Hospital Redevelopment
  • Otway Basin Campaign, Beach Energy
  • Penola Trough, Beach Energy
  • Kupe Inlet Compression, Beach Energy
  • Infrastructure Portfolio, ElectraNet SA
  • Upper North Program, ElectraNet SA
  • Asset Projects Portfolio, BHP
  • Carrapateena Mine Development, Oz Minerals
  • City Tram Extension
  • Darlignton Upgrade
  • Northern Connector
  • Mine Handling System, BHP
  • Murra Murra Wind Farm, Downer
  • Oaklands Rail Crossing, Crane Services
  • T2T, Crane Services
  • Pirate Life Brewery Development, ProManage/Pirate Life
  • Regional Bridges Program, MacDow
  • Whyalla Transformation, G2G/WSP



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