GBA Projects can provide a one-stop project solution, managing all your planning and reporting requirements from inception to delivery.

Complex and volatile projects require tighter controls over scope, time, cost and risk. Our team members are outstanding practitioners in the planning, scheduling and controls in all areas of Project Management. We have the experience and expertise to improve efficiencies, manage budgets and add value to your project.

Their knowledge and expertise is supported by GBA Projects' in-house methodology and software, ensuring they perform the work accurately, effectively and efficiently.

Our Project Planning, Scheduling and Control Services Include:

  • Scope definition and project planning,
  • Time scheduling and resource management
  • Procurement planning and execution
  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Risk response planning and mitigation
  • Cost management and control
  • Scope change management and control
  • Contract administration and contractor oversight

Our Project Planning, Scheduling and Control Services help clients:

  • Improve time and cost performance
  • Ensure best practice planning and scheduling standards are met
  • Minimise cost blowouts
  • Plan for and mitigate risk
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Provide cost control and reporting systems tailored to your needs

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Shutdown Scheduling

Taking an asset off-line to complete maintenance or upgrades can be a resource intensive and costly procedure.

GBA Projects' highly qualified team has been helping clients from a range of sectors successfully manage operational shutdowns for more than 25 years.  Our technical excellence and an innate understanding of the project management lifecycle means you can trust us with the total management of every aspect of your project.

We use best practice processes and unique information technology systems to plan, manage and control scope, time and costs on each phase of a shutdown.  GBA Projects can accurately plan the daily activities that occur during your shutdowns to give a clear indication of work being performed and by which trades, thus determining the total effort required to turnaround the plan with minimal disruption.

Software we utilise enables a standardised approach to planning, allowing our staff to account for risk in the planning process.  High planning standards are required for successful delivery of shutdowns, and our quality systems enable management to gain confidence in the execution and control of shutdowns.

Our Shutdown Services Include:

  • Project scoping and work package integration
  • Detailed project planning and scheduling
  • Shutdown scheduling and control
  • Detailed cost management and reporting
  • Procurement planning
  • Best practice reporting processes
  • Performance measurement using earned value.

Our shutdown services help clients:

  • Identify risks to time and cost
  • Plan and integrate work packages
  • Understand demand on resources
  • Maintain control of the shutdown
  • Closeout and accurately finalise cost accounts


“GBA Projects provides an outstanding service, tackling the most complex portfolios by implementing project control solutions that actually fit the mould for remote location based, resource driven projects.”
Paul McKenna, Senior Projects & Construction Planner, Santos EABU
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For over 30 years GBA Projects has enabled project success through the implementation of best-of-breed systems and practices to minimise project risk, and enhance project performance.

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