GBA Projects has employed women throughout its history and at present, we are fortunate to have 7 women as part of the GBA family.

With the increase of women in the business, this has also led to 30% of GBA women taking leadership positions within the company to further its aims and goals.

Many of our female staff are scattered across the globe, from as far as Malaysia, Sydney and here in Adelaide. This can mean geographic and time zone differences decrease collaboration opportunities between women and non-men of the business. Working within male dominated environments also means that dedicated spaces for women to share experiences are not always common.

So, our brilliant team leader and senior consultant Laura established the ‘Women of GBA’ group.

She saw a need to connect women and non-men within the business and provide a development network for them. By doing this, GBA the group can share their skills and experiences on projects, learn from each other and work towards development and professional goals.

While the group only kicked off in September 2021, and meet once a month, it has already been beneficial for the seven members.

Their qualifications and areas of expertise are vast; from chemical and industrial engineers, subsea intervention engineers, administration professionals to technical analysts bringing their skills to the oil, gas, mining, transport, renewables, construction and logistics industries (to name a few).  

Women of GBA has the following aims: to Develop, Empower and Uplift. Development is key to their personal and professional growth; Empowerment means making sure women know their value to GBA and the wider community, Uplift is to share our collective skills and focus on our goals. Some feedback from the group:

“Working as a woman in a male-oriented field has helped me to boost my confidence. I have always tried my best to be a role model for female engineers and graduates and encourage them to work in construction and Infrastructure industries.”

“If speaking about what I love about working with GBA Projects, I’d have to say it is the overall company attitude. My managers trust me to do my role professionally and are appreciative of what I can achieve.”

Laura: “When we connect women and give them space to explore what personal and professional development means for them in a space that’s filled with other women’s experience and ideas, we create a space that centres them and reinforces their value. We want the women of our business to be present in external environments and trust in their value, bring their skills to the task and thrive.”

Thank you, Laura, for your passionate work in the group and for giving women a space where they can come together.

We are so incredibly proud of the talented women who have chosen to work for GBA – they have brought with them a wealth of knowledge.

There may still be a gender split in favour of males at GBA, but the women of GBA are making their mark on the company and broadly in the industry with our full support.

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March 07, 2022

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