Format a flag field to make end of month easier!

With the end of month upon us once more and as we head to the end of the year, project teams should be madly scrambling to progress their Microsoft Project schedules.

This helpful tip will come in handy for larger schedules and avoid activities being missed.

From the Gantt Chart Format ribbon:

  1. Click on Custom Fields
  2. At the top right of the Custom Fields dialog, change the Type to "Flag"
  3. Select your Flag field to use and click on Formula

    custom field

  4. Enter the following formula into the text field as follows:

    IIf(((([Start]<=[Status Date]) And ([% Complete]=0)) Or (([Finish]<=[Status Date]) And ([% Complete]<>100))),Yes,No)

    formula input
  5. Click OK

The formula above can be quite difficult to understand, so lets examine the formaul in a more 'nested' manner:

msp formula

The formula looks for any task that is yet to start and whose start date is less than the Status Date. It also looks for tasks that are not complete where their Finish date is before the status date.

For the Formula to work, users must continually set the Status Date from the Project > Status Date ribbon option.

Users can also setup filters which can be then used against this Flag field to highlight or filter the schedule.

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