The devastation of the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal left almost 9000 people deceased and many left homeless. Nick Abraham, a cousin of the Betros Family, was a 20 year old carpenter travelling Australia when he befriended some Nepali whilst working in Darwin.

Touched by their despair he had offered his services to help rebuild shelters and homes. When Nick arrived in Nepal the Shelter Initiative that he was to join was disbanded for various reasons. Instead of returning home to Australia Nick decided to stay in Nepal with the few Initiative members that were left. One of those members, A Nepali Architect, Emil Shrestha helped co-found with Nick the concept of ‘From the Ground Up’.

The concept of ‘From the Ground Up’ began by a school building construction, conduction of safety analyses, building a model home and other surveying structures in affected communities. Along with soon beginning development of earthquake proof infrastructures to reduce homelessness throughout any future earthquakes.

“From the ground up is a collective of young people, working together to create a brighter future for Nepal. By exploring the use of natural, salvaged resources along with sustainable, low-cost and earthquake resistant construction technologies, we strive to help rebuild a better resilient Nepal.”, FTGU Website

GBA Projects, inspired by Nick and his team, are proud to have donated to help purchase supplies such as tools and other equipment suitable for building construction.

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“GBA Projects provides an outstanding service, tackling the most complex portfolios by implementing project control solutions that actually fit the mould for remote location based, resource driven projects.”
Paul McKenna, Senior Projects & Construction Planner, Santos EABU
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