Reports of delays and cost blowouts in major mining projects are becoming more prevalent. This is mainly being attributed to an escalating cost environment associated with the increased number of projects in development and a scarcity of competent skills resources. It is becoming ever more important for the Mining Industry to ensure they use a standardized approach to project management in order to satisfy project objectives and enable efficient use of available resources.

GBA Projects has extensive experience in providing the mining sector with a broad range of project management services including project management, planning and controls, risk management and strategic planning. With a high focus typically placed on cash-flow, GBA Projects has ensured it's clients gain certainty around the cost of mine and mine infrastructure development. Our experience has helped numerous projects finish ahead of time and under budget.

Our recent Mining projects include:

  • Olympic Dam Expansion – Phase One, BHP Billiton, Adelaide, SA
    GBA Projects has provided a raft of services to BHP Billiton on arguably Australia's largest mining expansions undertaken. GBA Projects has provided Project Planning, Scheduling and Controls services to nearly all components of the expansion, and at varying levels of management. GBA Projects has also been involved in the constructability audit undertaken to provide strategic planning advice with respect to the mobilization of crews to site for the program of works.
  • Olympic Dam Accommodation Facility Expansion, Heading Contractors, Roxby Downs, SA
    GBA Projects has provided Planning, Scheduling and Controls services to heading Contractors in Roxby Downs for the expansion of the Olympic Dam Village facilities. These early works, whilst part of the overall expansion project being undertaken by BHP Billiton, are crucial to enabling the mobilsation of thousands of workers to site. GBA Projects was able to implement earned value management to monitor performance on a weekly basis, thus ensuring timely completion of the contract.
  • Kanmantoo Mine Development, AMC Consultants, Kanmantoo, SA
    GBA Projects conducted a project review of the time and cost components of the project on behalf of the financiers during the construction process. GBA also performed a completion review to ensure the project had reached practical completion before final payment by the financiers..
  • Bengalong Mine Development, Downer EDI, Bengalong, Indonesia
    GBA Projects provided expert planning services to ensure that appropriate extensions of time were correctly ascertained and re-programmed the works to completion for the mine development which included several access roads, a large construction camp, mine maintenance facility and the main wharf.
  • Hire Mine Development – Bankable Feasibility Study, Newcrest Mining, Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa
    Development of a large project involves thinking outside the box and on this particular engagement. GBA was responsible not only as Project Controls Manager but GBA Projects developed the overall execution plan which involved a lengthy process to develop an extensive contracting strategy. GBA Projects also acted as Project Manager for the camp construction and township relocation.

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