Government and Development

The Government and Development sector is increasingly investing in Project Management to provide innovation and creativity within the triple constraint of scope, time and budget.  Government projects, programs and portfolios are major, visible areas of public interest and concern.  Delivering these projects on budget and on time strengthens public trust.

GBA Projects utilises is project delivery methodology which gives satisfies stakeholders by providing a single point of accountability for project decisions and outcomes. A project’s success is controlled using our in-house project management and control systems and performance is readily visible at all times of development. Consequently these projects, programs and portfolios are managed with increased efficiency, maintaining control over cost, schedule and scope which allows effective project oversight. 

Our recent Government and Development projects include:

  • Shute Harbour Marina Development, Dandevco, Airlee Beach, QLD
    GBA Projects acted as the project director for the feasibility study of the development. Involving thousands of stakeholders and an extensive environmental impact assessment based on a combined agreed Terms of Reference from the Local, State & Federal Governments, that was to be assessed by one body. The EIS included in the feasibility study phase was delivered on time and under budget to the State Government for approval.
  • Capital Works Management, Emergency Services (ESAU), Adelaide, SA
    GBA Projects maintained the role of Project Director for the 1999,2000 and 2001 financial years to oversee the capital works program for Emergency Services. The program included projects for buildings, appliances, equipment, information technology and communications. GBA Projects was pivotal for introducing stringent planning and controls methodologies to the role.
  • State Aquatic Centre, Marion, OMPI, Adelaide, SA
    The Office of Major Projects and Infrastructure engaged GBA Projects to assess the claims made by the contractor during the construction of the new State Aquatic Centre in Marion, Adelaide. GBA Projects played a pivotal role in improving its clients understanding of the rights it had under the contract and enabled it to make informed decisions.
  • Project Management Procedures, Land Management Corporation, Adelaide, SA
    LMC engaged GBA Projects to provide assistance in developing its in-house project management framework, methodologies and processes for investment and development.

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