Since 1986, Greg Betros has held the position of Managing Director at GBA Projects. For 31 years under Greg's watch, the company has continued to deliver new success stories with over 750 projects delivered globally. The company now employs 20 people in three states - the largest it has been in its 31 year history.

And what's more these are exceptional and creative industry experts with a passion for adding value to projects. 

With GBA Projects moving into into a new and exciting era, it is fitting that Company Director Matt Betros assumes the role of Managing Director. Matt assumes the new role as of July 1st 2017, with Greg continuing to lead and develop the company's Sydney operations whilst enjoying some well earned time in his man-cave.


“GBA Projects has all the necessary skills and expertise to provide planning solutions to any process associated with the many facets of construction. The ability to apply the necessary logic for the integration of these activities into processes alien to the construction industry is invaluable.”
Gerald Lewis, Building Consultant to John Holland & Lend Lease
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For over 30 years GBA Projects has enabled project success through the implementation of best-of-breed systems and practices to minimise project risk, and enhance project performance.

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