Deltek Cobra has a signficantly flexible reporting system, underpinned by well structured time-phased data tables.

And sometimes a Cobra project can grow to a signficant size and it can become difficult to analyse the cost data within the tool itself.

So harnessing Cobra's advanced reporting features can help project teams analyse their project data outside of Cobra, and quickly!

Using the Report Wizard

The first method of obtaining time-phased data is through the Report Wizard.

1. ReportWizard

Select the Level of Detail that you need to analyse. Typically analysing information at the resource level is required.

2. ReportWizard2

Choose the Cost Sets that you need to analyse. 

3. ReportWizard3

And once the report has run, you can focus on the Data worksheet and utilise the information, perhaps converting it into a Pivot table. 


But you may just want the data by itself and not the overall template. This can be achieved by modifying the Report Properties for the time-phased report iteself.

To do this, from the Cobra Explorer go to Reports and locate the Time-phased report.

Right click the report and select Properties:


On the Report Definition tab, locate the DisplayDataWorksheets parameter and set it to 2 as shown above. As the Cobra help guide suggests, this option can be:

  • 0 - Creates only the Report worksheets
  • 1 - Creates all of the worksheets
  • 2 - Creates only the Data worksheets.

Click on OK and then re-run the report. This will produce the Calendar and Data worksheets by themselves.


Using the SQL Command Utility

If you are technically gifted and have a basic understanding of SQL and the Cobra Database structure, you can also grab the data directly from the database and save it to Excel using the SQL Command Utility.

Using the SQL Statement below, the resulting table of data can then be saved to Excel.

5. SQL


As we can see from the examples above, the ability to grab, interrogate and report on Cobra Cost data is pretty simple and streamlined. Coupled with a well defined database structure, the reporting capabilities are endless.

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