A quick and simple way to extract all of your Cobra Milestones for a Project using the SQL Command Utility.

On a recent project, we had to craft a way of rapidly extracting the key weighted milestones used in a Cobra project, to then validate that the data aligned to the schedule data integrated with the software.

Enter the SQL Command Utility!

For some users this feature may not be enabled because lets face it, we are dealing with direct access to the back-end database. But for those who have the ability and prior SQL language experience, data extraction can be a breeze.

Using the default sample data provided with Cobra, we can see a Work Package that uses Milestones as its method of measuring performance:


In a larger implementation, there may be numerous work packages and even more milestones that require integration.

We Constructed a simple SQL query that merges both the MILESTN and CAWP tables to create a data set with which we could then pivot on and review:


By right clicking the Results pane, we are able to save this data to an Excel format.

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March 07, 2022

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