Being a successful project management professional involves so much more than simply getting a degree. In fact, for recent graduates it can be downright difficult to find a job when you’re fresh out of university.

While graduates of all persuasions often struggle to gain employment, it is amplified in project management as our tertiary institutions spend minimal time covering the planning and project controls processes.

We do our best to rectify this at GBA Projects when we take on a graduate by running them through a three-month intensive course on how to put project controls theory into practice. We also share with them our lessons learnt from delivering hundreds of successful projects over our 33-year history.

This is why we have numerous success stories of young graduates who have gone on to bigger and better things after working with us.

Take Nauman Khan for example – a graduate of the University of South Australia and employee of GBA Projects between 2008 and 2009.

Currently a project controls specialist at Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in Sydney, Nauman is an industry leader in the field of project management. His impressive resume includes previous roles with organisations such as Australian Rail Track Corporation, Novo Rail Alliance and the NSW transport department.

On a recent trip to Sydney we took the time to catch up with Nauman and ask him to reflect on his time at GBA Projects. Here’s what he had to say:

1. What was your experience with GBA Projects like?

Every day was a new day when I was working at GBA Projects. The company enabled me to innovate and find different ways to perform my role and activities in order to succeed in my professional career. Facing challenges was exciting, not only because of the high-quality projects I was involved in but also with help from the company’s learning and professional development process.

2. How does our training differ from other organisations?

GBA Projects uses real projects to train its staff and combines the training with the lessons learnt on those projects. The training is kept updated and known by the senior staff. The software we use daily will always change, so having up-to-date and relevant material was very helpful, especially as a graduate.

3. What makes GBA Projects a great place to work?

The GBA Projects team members treat each other like they are family. Everyone has each other’s backs and they support each other through learning and development. Where someone might lack some knowledge, there are others in the business who can help train and mentor. It’s a dynamic and diverse organisation which is exposed to numerous projects and industries. I am very thankful for my time at GBA Projects, and I wish the company all the best with its future endeavours.

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Director Greg Betros, past employee Nauman Khan and Managing Director Matt Betros

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