In July 2019 the Defence Contract Management Agency (DCMA) released version 3.3 of the DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics. Deltek have been quick to get the latest Acumen Fuse release to incorporate those new metrics.

The original 14-point DCMA assessment was born out of a need to improve schedule quality, primarily within the US Defence sector.

There is certainly a lot to read up on in terms of what the metrics are and how they improve schedule quality, here’s a few handy links:

The recent update to Acumen Fuse enables project reviewers to align their review processes to a much more data-driven process.

The new guidelines and metrics are underpinned by seven business practices (BP’s):

  • BP1 – Pre-Award EVM System Plan Review
  • BP2 – Post Award Earned Value Management System Description – Initial and Changes
  • BP3 – Contract Initiation Support
  • BP4 – EVMS Surveillance
  • BP5 – EVMS Review for Cause
  • BP6 – Compliance Review Execution
  • BP7 – EVMS Compliance Metric Configuration Control

The old DCMA scoring process was noted to have driven poor behaviours in that schedulers were merely planning in a way that made their scores increase.

The 145 metrics added into Acumen Fuse enable the reviewer(s) to ascertain how well the project is aligned with the ‘integrated project controls environment’ rather than just cost and schedule quality.

The full DCMA EVMS Compliance Metric Templates are available from the DCMA Website:

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