For more than 30 years GBA Projects has been at the forefront of project controls and project management in Australia. From its humble beginnings as a start-up with a home office, GBA Projects has evolved vastly since its inception in 1986 to launch its first national office in Sydney. It is our work and rewarding partnerships with an array of powerhouse brands including BHP Billiton, Santos and more recently Sydney Water, that have allowed GBA Projects to expand on the national stage.  

While many changes have occurred over the journey, the vision to support organisations to deliver projects on-time and on budget has never wavered. We are inspired by delivering projects on schedule and saving both businesses and taxpayers important dollars in the process. Each day we apply our learnings to help organisations throughout Australia and show them that there is a path to achieving project goals.

GBA Projects has experienced rapid growth and success, especially over the past two years with the team growing to 28 talented members and the establishment of a Sydney office. With growth came the opportunity to revisit our brand to ensure that it reflects GBA Projects as a contemporary, cutting-edge disruptor in project management.

The rebranding of GBA Projects allowed us to reflect on the origins of the company and how  we want to be seen in the future. Much contemplation went into how the brand would be reflected externally. We wanted to honour the past, while also capturing the potential and optimism for the what lies ahead. Working with our design agency, JP Media, in creating the new-look GBA Projects brand resulted in many ‘proud’ moments as it came to life.

GBA Projects is fiercely proud of its methods to be able to implement successful project controls practices. We truly believe this is testament to the knowledge that has been handed down from company founder Greg Betros. It is Greg’s passion and relentless work ethic that has helped forge a path for GBA Projects to succeed. As Managing Director, I am grateful to Greg and excited to be leading the company into a new era.

With our new-look brand and strategic vision, GBA Projects is committed to seeing the project management sector thrive. We want to inspire and provide opportunities for a new wave of graduates to excel and develop into the next tier of industry leaders. Our offices in both Adelaide and Sydney are bustling with talent and it is a pleasure to be able to foster their personal development through GBA Projects.

To all of GBA Project’s staff, stakeholders and our families, we thank you for your support and encourage you to check out our new branding on our social media and website – We look forward to sharing the next chapter with you!

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