30 Years in 30 Weeks: 2011 - Proud South Aussies

As 2011 began, the company was actively engaged in numerous projects across the city. Matt returned from Adelaide (from the UK) in April of that year and began providing support to BHP Billiton and Santos. Santos had begun to expand it's project services department which meant providing support to a handlful of projects (initially) but as the year drew to a close approximately 50 projects had their PDF schedules stamped with the GBA name!

olympic dam

BHP Billiton had commenced it's rejuvinated expansion project in that year, having previously cancelled the project in the mid 2000's due to funding and ore prices.

Initially, GBA Projects provided support to Aurecon on the pre-strip feasibility study but this slowly evolved to providing scheduling services to "pretty much everything that needed scheduling" on that project. Initially our team provided project scheduling services for the Olympic Dam and Roxby Downs accommodation upgrades (from design to commissioning) but this was shortly followed by other key infrastructure projects such as Axehead/Andamoooka road upgrade, Pre-strip infrastructure works, Waste Water Upgrade, and the light & Heavy Industrial Area developments.

Keeping in mind too that in 2011, ElectraNet's ACR project was in the middle of construction and heading towards an on-time, under-budget completion. Coupled with an increasing demand in Singapore, it was a no-brainer that we took on more staff.

south road superway

GBA Projects was going from strength to strength in 2011 and with a twist of irony, it became involved as an advisory to the South Road Superway project - to review and assess producitivty and program on behalf of the Superintendant. 

Ironic because we had originally been part of the MacDow bid team which had been unsuccessful in 2009 in winning the tender. 

GBA Projects not only provided an overview on schedule quality but developed several key dashboards to enable a full understanding of the project through every process including At Grade Services works, Piling and Pile Cap construction, Pier construction, precast yard productivity and deck segment erection.

It seemed to be the year for this sort of 'high-level analysis' for many projects as we noted thorugh our further engagements that year. Numerous clients engaged our services to provide in-depth analysis of program with a strong emphasis on delay and disruption.

We had suddenly been enaged on several key projects such as

  • The Kanmantoo mine development
  • 2 Waste Water treatment plant developments in SA
  • A residential development in Darwin
  • Newcrest's Hire development in West Africa
  • Thebarton Brickworks development

Indeed 2011 was a busy year. Busier than the last, but not as busy as the next.....

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