Last week we looked at late 2007 which saw GBA Projects engaged to provide project control services to ElectraNet SA for their Adelaide Central Reinforcement project. This development originally included the establishment of a 275/66 kV substation at Keswick Terminal which was to be supplied with high-voltage electricity from Torrens Island via a new transmission line. It was to be connected to ElectraNet’s telecommunications network via a new underground fibre-optic cable.

At this point, the project was in it's infancy (at concept stage). The land for the new substation had been identified, concept engineering was underway and being part of a regulated market, much of the project had to seek funding. It was certainly an exciting project to get stuck into and little did we know that it would go on to become the flag ship project for many people involved in it.

ElectraNet Keswick Substation

The ACR Substation under Construction in 2011

In 2008 we formally commenced work on the project and by the end of March that year, GBA was requested to provide an addiitonal project control resource to plan, schedule and maintain projects within the portfolio. The portfolio consisted of some 100+ projects of varying sizes, scales and complexities and whilst pe provided project control support, we also assisted in developing procedures, guidelines and frameworks to further stream line the portfolio management process.

Meanwhile, the rest of the GBA Projects team was busy providing support to projects around Australia. We continued to provide planning and project controls support to SKM/KBR for the Mine Materials Handling project as part of the Olympic Dam Expansion (pre-feasibilty) project. But later that year we also were engaged by Charles Taylor Adjusting to examine issues within one of Fortescue's crippled projects in the Pilbara.

Fortescue Metals, as reported in the media and stock exchange, had unfortunately suffered losses from three cyclones (named George, Jacob and Kyra) that had occured over a five week period and had caused the death of two workers on site. GBA Projects provided services to the loss adjuster to review and analyse the program which also included an earned value analysis (in support of the claim). 

It appeared that the year was going to take on the flavour of Mining and Infrastructure. It was an exciting time and little did we know that our project list was about to grow substantially in the next 5 years!

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