2002 was yet another busy year for GBA Projects with many tenders being called across the building sectors in Melbourne and Adelaide. In 2002 we took on several new clients including Mossop, Romaldi, Hansen Yuncken, Baulderstone, Broad, Land Management Corporation, Whitsunday Lakes Estate and the Greek Orthodox Community. 

During the year, we provided detailed construction planning services to Leightons for several tenders.

Spencer Street Station

Greg's work in 2001 saw his ongoing engagement through 2002, especially for the station upgrade project. Greg compiled a very detailed program for the upgrade to the Spencer Street Station (now known as Southern Cross Station) for which LCPL was successful. Leighton went on to receive an award for this innovative project. 

This was one of the most intricate project schedules that Greg had ever developed as work on the station platforms had to be planned around an operational station with minimal disruptions. This involved working on parts of platforms and never two at a time. 

Southern Cross Station

The erection of the roof structure was to occur each night after the last train. The overal project timeframe was very tight and so the night works were planned by the number of crane lifts required per night shift. In some cases, only one lift could be planned in an evening due to the sheer size of the lift. It was like a jigsaw puzzle as the structure had to be free standing to allow for operations to continue during the day. The Leighton team worked out what pieces of the roof structure could be pre assembled and then lifted into place without any further support. 

New walkway crossings and cross over bridges had to be installed as part of the project works. An upgrade to the concourse was also required to allow for modern retail outlets and finally a multi storey commercial building over the part of the operational train station.

At the time, the development was one of the most expensive PPP's undertaken in Victoria. Whilst we were not involved on the project during execution, the project recevieved significant attention due to it's impact on community and the tax payer in general.

Waterfront city docklands

During the year, Leighton also tendered on one portion of the Melbourne Waterfront Docklands project which included new infrastructure for services and roads and then construction of several blocks of “SOHO” apartments to satisfy the growing trend of inner suburban living. Coupled with the apartment construction was a series of “two level shopping precincts”. The main feature of the program that we developed was the maintenance of ingress and egress to and from the site during construction. As the lead planner, Greg was able to maintain construction traffic flow whilst completing the construction in the shortest possible time.

Adelaide Law Courts

Having been involved with Leightons for several years, it was natural that Greg assisted the Broad/Leighton JV on tendering for the Adelaide Law Court development as well. Unfortunately tyhe JV was unsuccessful in their bid, however there were some interesting things to note about the construction program that Greg developed.

The program was again developed around the primary resource, the crane and the number of lifts required for the development. The program demonstrated that the project needed two tower cranes not one which (in a cruel twist of irony) was used by the successful tenderer who finished the project late. The initial part of the project required precast columns and through previous experience, Greg was able to demonstrate that the precast needed to be pre-ordered by the client and then novated to the successful tenderer. This advice was taken on by the client and the precast production and erection was ultimately removed from the critical path of the project.

Land Management Corporation (LMC)

2002 also saw our engagement with LMC who had developed a series of Project Management Procedures for the execution of their projects. LMC called on GBA Projects expertise and knowledge of typical SA Government Procedures and Processes (gained from over 2 years of work within ESAU) to review, approve or enhance their procedures. This was successful in that LMC adopted all of our recommendations.

Greek Orthodox Community

Long-time client Mr. Theo Maras of the Maras Group was on the board of the Greek Orthodox Community who were adding to their “Aged Care Facility”. The project got into some distress when the Main Contractor was unable to coordinate the finalisation and commissioning of the new facilities whilst maintaining the operation of the current aged care facility. 

GBA Projects was engaged to provide a detail plan to completion which was adopted and precluded the necessity for any extension of time claims.

Shute Harbour Marina Development

Having worked with Mr. Mark Daniels as part of the Kinsmen Group, GBA Projects was asked by Mark to Project Manage a development opportunity. Mark (as Whitsunday Lakes Estate Pty. Ltd) was in Joint Venture with Kinsmen Pty. Ltd who had previously developed the “Holdfast Shores Marina”.

This opportunity was to develop the concept and obtain Approval from the Commonwealth Government, Queensland State Government and the Whitsunday Shire Council to construct a Marina at Shute Harbour.

Shute Harbour is one of the very few safe harbours on the upper East Coast of Australia which provides natural shelter for boats during cyclones that occasionally hit North Queensland.

The next few years would see GBA Projects fully utilised on the project as it moved towards submission of the Environmental Impact Statement.

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