The end of the millenium was fast approaching and 1999 was like many other years for GBA Projects, flat out busy!

GBA Projects work in the Philippines during 1996 and 1998 had led to its services once again being provided to the Rockwell Centre development in 1999.

The Rockwell Center is a high-end multipurpose development and a project of Rockwell Land Corporation and has been expanded upon since opening in 2000. It was of course not without its inherent issues. Built on a 15.5 hectare plot, the site was once home to a thermal plant which in turn meant that contaminated soil became an issue.

Rockwell Centre Manila

The development consisted of 5 multi storey buildings (which since has now expanded significantly) which at the time was un heard of because such developments were considered too risky for even the biggest of builders.

GBA had to plan the Podium area of the project which consisted of a large underground carpark and massive plaza area with the cores going from the bottom basement though the plaza itself. Once the plaza and cores were finished to level one, it was handed over to other builders to take over the construction of the towers. Once again Greg and David combined forces to develop a combined solution of precast for the basement walls and in situ concrete for the slabs and cores.

1999 saw GBA Projects engaged by Mancorp to plan their latest development, the Nestle building in Frome St.  Given the poor soil conditions it was imperative to follow a strict excavation process followed by a strict concrete pour sequence. Unfortunately due to a weekend of horribly wet conditions there was a cave in on one wall. This of course attracted significant replanning and resulted in the project regaining lost time to finish on-plan.

Far North Civil engaged Phillips Fox to prepare an Extension of Time claim for civil works performed at a mine development by Eltin Downer. The analysis was different to others performed by GBA Projects over the past years as the critical path was driven more by resources rather than logic. The claim was prepared utilising resource analysis and histograms based on production rates combined with (of course) an analysis of the critical path.

Santos' project arm at that time also re-engaged the services of the company as they required an independent analysis and report on the necessary software required to implement project controls for a typical project. Now unlike most companies that simply "roll in and sell their software" we took the approach of developing a typical project in several different packages for a point of comparison. Santos was then able to see the differences in how the tools calculate and display data and were able to understand the reporting requirements for the varying options.

It was later in 2014 that we once again assisted Santos in a similar role out for their Drilling & Petroleum Engineering division.

It was after some devastating bushfires that the SA Government combined the Metropolitan (MFS), Country (CFS) and State Emergency Services (SES). It became known as ESAU (Emergency Service Administration Unit) with a capital expenditure budget. Today it is known as SAFECOM (South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission) as a result of the 2005 FIre and Emergency Services Act.

GBA Projects was engaged on three distinct roles:

  • Project Director (Greg Betros)
  • Project Manager (David Lynch)
  • Project Management Procedures (Robin Schleibs)

Whilst the GBA team had known Robin for many years through the AIPM, this was one of the first chances to work collaboratively. A relationship which has continued today.

New business case templates and Project Management methodologies were developed which of course included stringent controls processes to effectively manage and deliver a range of projects. Typical projects include Buildings (Stations), vehicles (fire trucks etc) PPE and IT systems.

The GBA team began its work by standardising the 1, 2 and 3 bay stations followed by the typical appliances (fire trucks & equipment). By doing so a 3 year plan could be established, planned and delivered in a quick and cost effective manner. This ensured that each station was similar to the next and standardised the design for the future. 

Our work for SAFECOM continued for many years.

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