In early 1998 the Contractor for the construction of the Darwin Central Hotel submitted a consolidated claim for the varying Extension of Time Claims already produced by their Expert Consultant. GBA Projects became involved with the newly formed “conclave of experts” as part of the Project's entitlement assessment process for Contractors claiming Extensions of Time.

This conclave was chaired by the Arbitrator without the presence of lawyers and proved to be very beneficial to the arbitrator as many of the issues were resolved during this conclave and significantly reduced the number of claims that remained in dispute that were carried through to the full arbitration hearing.

Even today, Managing Director Greg Betros firmly believes that such a conclave should be utilised more often in disputes:

"these forums allow the various experts to not only agree the method of analysis, but also to gain resolution of issues that result in lesser disputed claims being fully arbitrated upon. It therefore is more cost effective for the claimant and the defendant in these types of disputes."

During 1998 GBA Projects maintained a monitoring role on the Graham Farmer Freeway Project often visiting the site to verify the progress being reported for Thiess / John Holland JV.

As a result of our work in the previous year, we were engaged to implement detailed costed programmes for the 7 wineries to undergo upgrades in 1998, commencing after “vintage” and to be ready for the 1999 vintage. We also developed the Project Management Philosophy pertinent to Southcorp Wineries which enabled the costed programmes to be synchronised with their Corporate General Ledger package. The setting of Baseline Budgets along with Baseline Programmes and strict monitoring and control enabled Southcorp Wines to complete their projects on time and within budget for the first time in years.

It was later in 1998 that GBA Projects began its adventure into the Philippines, engaged to provide services to the Rockwell Centre development as well as service its current client base that consisted of businesses and JV's such as Factor UTB, Datemform, Constress, Gaymark Investments, Minter Ellison, Cento, Woodhead, Metrocorp, Hollingdales, Westerfield Engineering and Liveris Architects. It was certainly a busy year!

But it goes without saying, that one of the most exciting times in 1998, was the back to back win by the Adelaide Crows in the 1999 AFL Premiership.

1998 AFL Win

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